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Manager” desc=”let our professional team be responsible for planning and directing the creation of your music career, while we enhance your public image.”][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”base-icon-headphones” uniqid=”5dca93cf81135″ link=”|title:Select%20Topic%20Here||” heading=”Audio Interviews + Podcast Placements” desc=”The best way to create awareness is to hop on the mic and voice your opinion about certain issues and topics. This is where to do it!”][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”base-icon-paper-plane” uniqid=”5dca93e8a257a” link=”|title:Apply%20Here||” heading=”Endorsements + Sponsorships” desc=”these can enhance the musician’s career by sending a strong stamp of approval from brands in industries such as clothing, liquor, electronics and more. We currently have 30+ companies that are looking for artists to work alongside.”][/yprm_icon_box]
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These can enhance the musician’s career by sending a strong stamp of approval from brands in industries such as clothing, liquor, electronics and more. We currently have 30+ companies that are looking for talent to work alongside.

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[yprm_heading css_animation=”fadeIn” style=”style2″ heading_size=”h4″ uniqid=”5dcba467f6fe3″ sub_heading=”#How Much Is It” heading=”Service Packages”][yprm_price_list css_animation=”fadeInUp” uniqid=”5dcba731a684d” cols=”xs:1,sm:2,md:3,lg:4,”][yprm_price_list_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”essential-set-calendar-3″ description=”This is a FREE gift from us to you!” options=”Schedule a time to have our rep give you a call and talk about your music career. Let’s see what ways we can help with brand and music presence.” link=”|title:Schedule%20a%20Call||” uniqid=”5dcbab74a49e9″ monthly_price=”{$} FREE” annual_price=”{$} FREE” heading=”Music Consultation”][yprm_price_list_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”teamwork-interview” uniqid=”5dcbaabeba129″ description=”Regular $40.00 on SALE” options=”(1) Blog Placement
(1) Music review
*Streaming option” link=”|title:Apply%20Here||” heading=”Quick Promo” monthly_price=”{$} 24.99″ annual_price=”{$} 279.99″][yprm_price_list_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”photographer-icon-website” description=”Great for Artist Dropping New Music” options=”1on1 Phone Consulting
Playlist Submission Management
Gig + Tour Finder and Submission
Playlist submissions
(2) Blog Placements
(2) Song Reviews + (1) Album Review
(1) interview
*Podcast Host” link=”|title:Apply%20Here||” uniqid=”5dcbab0c3773a” monthly_price=”{$} 99.99″ annual_price=”{$} 859.99″ heading=”Digital Boost”][yprm_price_list_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”essential-set-like” hot=”on” description=”Most in Savings!” options=”Dedicated Public Relations Manager (24/7)*
Branding and Marketing Help
*Fan Give Aways
*Endorsement / Sponsorship
Music Campaign Management
1on1 Phone Consulting
Artist Development
Press Releases
Target Audience PDF Files
Website (discount) Management
Gig + Tour Finder
Playlist Submissions
Album / Song Review
(2) Blog Placements
(2) interviews (Male host) and (Female Host)
*Streaming Option
*Podcast Host” link=”|title:Apply%20Here||” uniqid=”5dcbab5816d99″ monthly_price=”{$} 199.99″ annual_price=”{$} 2000.99″ heading=”PR Plus”][/yprm_price_list]
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[yprm_heading style=”style2″ heading_size=”h4″ uniqid=”5dcbba179fd1f” sub_heading=”#We Love all of them” heading=”Clients Feedback” css=”{“mobile_portrait“: {“margin-top“: “0“,“undefined“: “Clear“},“mobile_landscape“: {“undefined“: “Clear“},“tablet_portrait“: {“undefined“: “Clear“},“tablet_landscape“: {“undefined“: “Clear“},“desktop“: {“undefined“: “Clear“}}”][yprm_testimonials uniqid=”5dcbba28c6477″][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e390b214129a” quote=”This is my third month with Music Promotion Pr and I have been on 8 different blogs, one magazine placement, 4 interviews, and 2 podcasts. It’s what’s missing from my music career. I never had anyone who cared, only people who wanted money” name=”Song Writer – Tina”][yprm_testimonials_item uniqid=”5e390b42fb93a” quote=”“ I love working with Music Promotion PR because they take music seriously. They helped me audition for clubs and sent local artists my way so I can give live shows. That is something no one else would do.” name=”DJ – Pyain”][/yprm_testimonials]

Music Promotion Pr