DJ Altra from Music Promotion PR is back again to interview another talented artist. This time he was awarded the opportunity to speak to KMoney DaKidd, also known as Zack Ka$tin.

DJ Altra wastes no time jumping into his first question and asks KMoney DaKidd about his roots. Ka$tin explains that he was born in Florida but now lives in West Virginia. He is now 23 years old and has moved away from making rap music to concentrate on the pop / pop-punk genre. 

Inspiration Behind the Genre

Moving further into the interview, Ka$tin shares his inspiration behind entering the pop-punk genre. He found inspiration in the artists Lil PeepJuice Wrld, and MGK (Machine Gun Kelly). After MGK released his album in 2020, Ka$tin decided to make the shift into his new genre. He realized the pop / pop-punk genre was returning, and he wanted to be one of the early artists entering the market with the genre.

“I just feel like I have the voice for it, to be honest with you.” 

Ka$tin explains to DJ Altra that his unique voice is fit for the genre that resonates with him, and that is also why he pursued the change from rap music. He feels that lyrically he can offer more to his audience in the pop-punk category.

While finding inspiration in several artists that helped guide him onto his musical path, Corey Dreamz is another musician he has worked closely with and has helped him.

“Me and Corey we’re actually fraternity brothers.” 

Corey Dreamz offers guidance and tips to Ka$tin that have helped him grow in the music industry as an artist. They have recently joined musical talents to produce what Corey believes will be the next “radio hit.” The duo traveled to Ohio to produce the song that is due for release at the end of February 2021. Ka$tin is excited about the release and tells listeners:

“Everyone needs to go listen to that.” 

Vocals Like No Other

DJ Altra is eager to understand what separates Ka$tin from other artists, and what he believes is his character trait in the industry? Ka$tin confidently answers:

“I have the most, in my opinion, unique sound that I bring to the table with the music I am making. You are not going to hear vocals like mine versus other artists.”

Looking forward at the year ahead, DJ Altra wants to know what Ka$tin has planned amidst the coronavirus pandemic everyone is still faced with. He explains how the pandemic has awarded him the perfect time to make more music with the free time he had available. However, he does anticipate bars and clubs opening again soon and wants to do some shows in West Virginia and Ohio. He tells DJ Altra that everyone should stay tuned for those shows.

Ka$tin offers advice for upcoming artists:

“Get a good team around you.”

He shares his appreciation for his team that helped him grow, including Jermaine Van Rcyk at Music Promotion PR, Corey Dreamz, Indigo Child, Bruce Baguette, and Git the Rod. Ka$tin has been in the music industry for just over three years and values his team around him. They offer the right critique (good and bad) to him develop as an artist.

The ultimate goal for his music is to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

“I don’t care about the money and fame. My goal is to get a good fan base.” 

The Snounds Music App

DJ Altra mentions the Snounds music app to Ka$tin and explains that the app allows anyone to make money from music royalties. The app will soon be released in 2021, but he wants to know what Ka$tin would want to see as a keen feature if he was the founder of a large music app.

Ka$tin had planned for that question, and with careful thought behind his answer, he tells DJ Altra that he would create a feature that allows an A&R to reach out to the musicians. He believes artists need help with submitting their music, and the guidance of an A&R, together with a possible algorithm, could truly help artists find growth and gain more fans.

Follow Ka$tin

Ka$tin predominantly uses Instagram. You can reach out to him on Instagram under the handle; kmoney_dakidd. You can find his music across most music streaming apps and sites under the name: Ka$tin. And while exploring his music, do not forget to stream his new album.

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