Music Promotion Pr is brought to you by Incredible Audio, the number one audio source for headphones. Today DJ Altra is talking to Oxlee, the young sensation from the Land Down Under.
Can Overseas Artists Make it in America?

DJ Altra is interested in finding out whether Oxlee thinks that overseas artists can make it in America. At just 19 years old, this young R&B/Pop artist has the world at his feet. He tries to explore the funny side of the emotional topics usually covered in R&B songs. He wants to find the humor in emotional topics but he also shows an emotional side in some of his songs. DJ Altra loves Oxlee’s style of music. He would definitely merge well with some artists already featured on Music Promotions PR, like Zero the Kidd and CoreyDreamz.

When it comes to breaking into the US music scene, it can be a daunting endeavor. Oxlee is really up for the challenge and says,

“I feel like a lot of my audience would be in America.”
“Australia is great, but the number of people is very small compared to America. I do really want to get over there, so I just keep pushing through the challenge,” he tells DJ Altra.

“There are a lot of great artists in Australia,” says Oxlee, “If they could get the audience in America, they potentially could go big time”. DJ Altra definitely believes this. He has been very impressed with the quality of Oxlee’s images and videos online. Oxlee recently sent in a rough cut of his latest track and it impressed DJ Altra. In fact, he says it was already at a higher quality than many final versions coming out in the US.
Australia has Talent

But what separates Oxlee from the artists that are out there right now? “I guess it is just a whole other experience,” he explains. “The challenges I face in Australia might be completely different to someone in America. The different experiences and life lessons might have a different impact,” he continues.
“Every song I write is about my own personal experience. If I just keep being honest and real, then I think there are lessons people can learn.”

Oxlee tells DJ Altra that even though there is a lot of indie music in Australia, R&B and pop is really where it is popping right now. DJ Altra is looking forward to working with Oxlee and getting his name out there in the US scene. He thinks that this talented youngster’s benchmark is really high and he has a good chance of getting signed soon.
Drawing on Inspiration

“My biggest inspiration is a guy based in LA called Tobi Lou,” says Oxlee. “He is still kind of up-and-coming on the scene right now but he has had a couple of great songs. If you haven’t heard of him, you should listen to his stuff”. He has also drawn a lot of inspiration from Bruno Mars, especially because he would like to reach the same vocal range. He also says that since he was young he has been hooked on “The King”, Michael Jackson.

To finish off, we have a question for Oxlee from SNOUNDS, the music app that we are building. If he was the owner of a music app, what key feature would he have to help unsigned artists? “There is a big misconception with a lot of apps claiming to help up-and-coming artists,” he says, “I was thinking of a system where you could have more chance to say who you are and what your mission is. I feel like it is not just about music. If you can show the people behind the app your vision, they will want to give you more opportunity”.
Reaching Out

If you want to hear more from this rising star, search for Oxlee on all social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook, using the handle @imoxlee. He says he will probably pop up somewhere!
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