Here at Music Promotion Pr we had a great time and spoke to Grace de Gier.  This woman sure can sing and we love here image. Below is the interview that we had with her … we hope that you enjoy it!

What made you choose to make Rock pop music?

“I love this genre of music, I really do, at home; my mother loved to put some rock on the radio, so I grew up with this music …. also, i like pop of course..”

What is your favorite song that you have made?

I have several songs… I love them all, but I would say the song I wrote to my child ….. we almost lost him in my pregnancy due to hydrops, a very rare sickness …. but very dangerous, he only had a 5% chance of survival, the name of this song is
Dame tu mano, in English ‘give me your hand “


How many songs have you made?

In total, 12 with 1 remix of Dame tu mano, but they are so many songs still to make …. That I would make like 3 complete albums! Just waiting for the right time to bring them all out!

Being where you are from, do you think it is hard to make it into the American Music Industry?

I have many listeners from the USA, so I think it is not ….. I had a couple of meetings with some music industry executives; they seem to have some interest in my music. This makes me happy because they liked it, even when it is in Spanish.

Would you ever leave your country if a major label in America signed you?

Well, I am from Colombia, but I am based in the Netherlands, so I already did it, but if there is an excellent reason to do that again, we are open to new opportunities and adventures

Who are your musical idols?

I have many, my favorite band is Guns and Roses, but also Queen, The Cure, the Police and Roxette, the Cranberries, I like now The killers very much as well, from Latin America also several artists.

Where do you think you will be in 5 years?

I really can’t know that, but for sure, I know in a good place with my family and my husband sharing my music with listeners around the world

How has covid affected you doing music?

Well, yes and no, yes because I would love to tour right now and I really want and need to perform, it’s in my blood when I say no… it is because we can make my music from my home with my studio and in Colombia with my producers and in England with Tom Pearce, very well known producer who works with the mastering of my music……. he has such a great experience working with Elton John, Eric Klapton and George Harrison and much more, he is also my business manager and Frank Lensenlink is my tour manager, so when the covid-19 let us do our work for sure we have excellent plans.

If you could work with any producer or musician, who would it be and why?

…..I guess with any musician or producer who is very interested in working with me, it would be enough for me…


For more info on Grace de Gier please visit her social media