Music Promotion PR
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[yprm_icon_box style=”style2″ cols=”xs:1,sm:2,md:3,” slider_arrows_style=”style2″ slider_autoplay=”” uniqid=”5dca9377774c3″][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”base-icon-chat-2″ uniqid=”5dca9385e9c13″ link=”|title:Apply%20Here||” heading=”Personal Public Relations Manager” desc=”let our professional team be responsible for planning and directing the creation of your music career, while we enhance your public image.”][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”base-icon-headphones” uniqid=”5dca93cf81135″ link=”|title:Select%20a%20Topic||” heading=”Audio Interviews + Podcast Placements” desc=”The best way to create awareness is to hop on the mic and voice your opinion about certain issues and topics. This is where to do it!”][yprm_icon_box_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”base-icon-paper-plane” uniqid=”5dca93e8a257a” link=”|title:Apply%20Here||” heading=”Endorsements + Sponsorships” desc=”these can enhance the musician’s career by sending a strong stamp of approval from brands in industries such as clothing, liquor, electronics and more. We currently have 30+ companies that are looking for talent to work alongside.”][/yprm_icon_box]
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With a 100% money back guarantee + flexable payment options and a FREE TRIAL makes us the first music pr firm to do this!

[yprm_accordion][yprm_accordion_item uniqid=”5dce83454f874″ desc=”let our professional team be responsible for planning and directing the creation of your music career, while we enhance your public image.” heading=”Personal Public Relations Manager”][yprm_accordion_item uniqid=”5dce835eeba8d” desc=”these can enhance the musician’s career by sending a strong stamp of approval from brands in industries such as clothing, liquor, electronics and more. We currently have 30+ companies that are looking for talent to work alongside.” heading=”Sponsorships and Endorsements”][yprm_accordion_item uniqid=”5dce83641cf5d” desc=”as an artist, this is an important step. Choosing a public look, career path, and even sound is what will separate you from others. We have a dedicated team that will help you with all the steps it takes and create a system that will monetize both you and your music.” heading=”Branding and Marketing”][yprm_accordion_item uniqid=”5dce83686a89b” desc=”a professional gig or tour can make all the difference in a musician’s career. Our staff will help locate and place you at these venues.” heading=”Tour and Gig Finder”][yprm_accordion_item uniqid=”5e3b6c05cfd8e” desc=”we will use various methods to develop your skills and your image to gain high royalties or other desires.” heading=”Artist Development”][yprm_accordion_item uniqid=”5e3b6c15743bd” desc=”Who are your fans? Where are your fans? What will your fans like? All these questions will be answered in a PDF file specifically created for you and your music. We will use current compiled data as well as our algorithm to complete the process.” heading=”Targeted Audience PDF”][yprm_accordion_item uniqid=”5e3b6c2b2bcfa” desc=”This is very important to an artists’s career. we ensure that our writing staff drives attention to the musician’s brand.” heading=”Blog placements and Interviews”][yprm_accordion_item uniqid=”5e3b6c4fe7edc” desc=”send us your song today and we will have our team, as well as music fans, review all aspects of your song. For qualifying songs, we will also throw in a targeted audience PDF file so you can know where you can find your future fans!” heading=”Music Reviews”][yprm_accordion_item uniqid=”5e3b6c60c43e0″ desc=”join the hundreds of artists that decided to use Music Promotion PR to create their website.” heading=”Artist/Band Website”][yprm_accordion_item uniqid=”5e3e125a2fa04″ desc=”this is where we create stories that surround your music and send them to labels, agents, managers + more. This will include featured stories, blog posts, bio, and all music-related sources.” heading=”Press Kits”][/yprm_accordion]
[yprm_heading css_animation=”zoomInDown” style=”style2″ heading_size=”h4″ uniqid=”5dcba467f6fe3″ heading=”Service {Packages}”][yprm_price_list css_animation=”fadeInUp” uniqid=”5dcba731a684d” cols=”xs:1,sm:2,md:3,lg:4,”][yprm_price_list_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”essential-set-calendar-3″ uniqid=”5dcbaabeba129″ description=”This is a FREE gift from us to you!” options=”Schedule a time to have our rep give you a call and talk about your music career. Let’s see what ways we can help with brand and music presence.” link=”|title:Schedule%20a%20Call%20||” heading=”Music Consultation” monthly_price=”{$} FREE” annual_price=”{$} FREE”][yprm_price_list_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”base-icon-icon” description=”Regular $40.00 on SALE” options=”(1) Blog Placement
(1) Music review
*Streaming option” link=”|title:Apply%20Here||” uniqid=”5dcbab0c3773a” monthly_price=”{$} 24.99″ annual_price=”{$}249.99″ heading=”Quick Promo”][yprm_price_list_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”essential-set-internet” hot=”on” description=”Great for Artist Dropping New Music” options=”1on1 Phone Consulting
Playlist Submission Management
Gig + Tour Finder and Submission
Playlist submissions
(2) Blog Placements
(2) Song Reviews + (1) Album Review
(1) interview
*Podcast Host” link=”|title:Apply%20Here||” uniqid=”5dcbab5816d99″ monthly_price=”{$} 99.99″ annual_price=”{$} 859.99″ heading=”Digital Boost”][yprm_price_list_item type=”yprm_icons” icon_yprm_icons=”base-icon-musical-note” description=”Most in Savings!” options=”Dedicated Public Relations Manager (24/7)*
Branding and Marketing Help
*Fan Give Aways
*Endorsement / Sponsorship
Music Campaign Management
1on1 Phone Consulting
Artist Development
Press Releases
Target Audience PDF Files
Website (discount) Management
Gig + Tour Finder
Playlist Submissions
Album / Song Review
(2) Blog Placements
(2) interviews (Male host) and (Female Host)
*Streaming Option
*Podcast Host” link=”|title:Apply%20Here||” uniqid=”5dcbab74a49e9″ monthly_price=”{$} 199.99″ annual_price=”{$} 2000.99″ heading=”PR Plus”][/yprm_price_list]
[yprm_heading css_animation=”bounceInDown” style=”style2″ heading_size=”h4″ uniqid=”5dce7a257ba34″ sub_heading=”#Experience” heading=”Our Personal Public Relations Managers are
{available 24/7 365 days} a YEAR!”]

See what services other artists have selected. Personal PR is the most frequently utilized service as it comes with a manager that is available 24/7.

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Music Promotion Pr